Kensun HID Kit Review

Kensun is one of the top-rated HID kits on the market.  The company offers several different types of kits:

  1. Single HID: A single HID bulb without a high beam option.  With this type of kit, the driver relies on the light from the single beam to be sufficient to light any road.
  2. HID-Halogen: One HID bulb for each headlight and a separate halogen bulb that turns on when you turn on your vehicle’s high beams.
  3. Bi-Xenon: One HID bulb for each headlight that shifts position (when engaging the high beam) to change the direction of the light being emitted in order to light up more of the road.  The headlight uses a magnet to shift the position of the headlight within your headlight housing, changing the trajectory of the beam of light being emitted.

We decided to test the 6000k Bi-Xenon kit.  It took less than an hour to install (check out our HID installation tutorial for a complete summary of the installation) and only required some zip ties, a wrench, and a pair of scissors.

The kit is shipped inside an aluminum briefcase-looking container.  It’s pretty cheesy, but in reality, it was somewhat refreshing to actually find a company that cares about the perception of their product and the customer experience.  We found this to be the first of many efforts made by the company to ensure their customers are happy with their product.  A lot of other kits just come stuffed into a small cardboard box and then shoved into a padded envelope, only to be half-squished by the time the kit gets to your mailbox.  Kensun is one of the few exceptions.  So, our experience with Kensun started off right.


Kensun HID Kit Box

Opening the box reveals an HID kit carefully packaged inside foam padding.  The bulbs are covered by a plastic protective casing, and the rest of the kit is ready for plug-and-play application.  We ordered the “slim” version, so the ballast was supposed to be slimmer than the standard sized ballast.  It wasn’t quite as small as we were anticipating, roughly 1/2 the length of a dollar bill, and just shy of an inch thick.  A lot of companies market the size of their ballast as one of their main selling points.  While it’s certainly convenient to work with a thin ballast throughout the installation process, we’d rather have a ballast that actually functions well, even if that means it has to be slightly larger.

The Kensun HID Kit comes with two metal brackets that can be used to attach them to the most convenient spot you can find on the frame of your car.  We found these to be entirely impractical.  The most convenient way to secure the ballasts is to pick up some simple zip ties and strap them in a web around the ballast, and then use additional zip ties to strap them to your vehicle’s frame.  When you do this, make sure they’re in a safe location, away from belts and hoses, or anything else that might cause damage to your car or the HID kit.
Contents of Kensun HID Kit Box
Kensun HID bulb with case



Size of Kensun HID Ballast
Complete HID Kit with Cables


Here are all the tools you’ll need to properly install the HID kit.  As advertised, it really is a “plug and play” kit.

Tools needed to install HID kit

The kit connects directly to the vehicle’s battery and provides a steady flow of electricity to the bulbs.  This eliminates the flickering that a lot of the cheap HID kits experience.  If you have the option, we recommend choosing a kit that connects directly to the car’s battery.  Dealing with flickering headlights can be extremely frustrating, not to mention the possibility of the headlights completely losing power.  Unlike many of the other kits we tested, the Kensun kit did not flicker at all, and was one of the brightest kits.  Not that you can’t get a bright kit without a direct battery connection, but it certainly helps to have your kit connected directly to your battery.
Disconnecting Battery when Installing HID Kit

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Kensun HID Kit Ballast Install

HID Ballast Mounted to Frame of Car

HID bulbs are significantly longer and thinner than a traditional bulb.  You shouldn’t have any problem with the bulb fitting in your headlight housing, but certain vehicles could require a retrofit of the housing in order to fit the bulb inside.  We’ve tested kits on various different vehicles, ranging from a 1991 up to a 2008, and we have never had an issue with the bulb fitting.

Close up of Kensun HID Light Bulb

The kit is significantly brighter than the standard HID bulbs that come installed in many vehicles.  Believe it or not, HID lights draw less power than halogen bulbs.  The images below show the true color and brightness of the Kensun kit.  We installed this kit in a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder that we use for off-road purposes.  Even though the housing in the Pathfinder is a reflector housing, it doesn’t spray light all over the place.  You can clearly see below that the light is cut off on the sides and front of the vehicle.  The color of this 6000k Bi-Xenon HID Kit is a true white with a purple tint.  Not all HID kits are created equal, so we recommend you check with the manufacturer to ensure you get the color you are looking for.  This kit is most similar to the color of the latest model Prius Xenon or the most recent BMW headlights.  The 8000k are a deeper blue, and anything higher than that is going to be impractical.  We’ve all seen the car on the road with deep blue headlights and wondered how the heck they are able to even see the road in front of them.  Those are 8000k and above. An important point to remember is the higher “K” headlight you install, the more blue/purple and less white/bright your headlights are going to be.  As you get lower than the 6000K the light turns to pure white and then yellow. The 4300K Kensun lights are a bright white with a small hint of yellow.   We wouldn’t go any lower than that unless they’re fog lights.  If you’re looking for a clean blue, purple, and white color in your headlights, we recommend this kit.

HID Lights Shining in the Forest

Blue Color of Kensun HID Kit Light

It’s pretty tough to get a good photo of what the kit looks like head on.  Nevertheless I thought I’d include it for you to get an idea of the color of the lights.  Sorry it’s so blurry!

Front View of Kensun HID Kit Installed

Bright White Kensun HID Kit Install

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HID Kit cutoff on wall on dark night

Side View of HID Kit Cutoff in Reflector Headlight Housing

The final photo, to me, is the most accurate representation of the true color of the Kensun’s 6000k kit.  Installation was quick, and the most time consuming part task was finding a spot to mount the ballasts under the hood.  Most importantly, the installation was done without cutting any wires, and can be removed in about ten minutes.

Overall, we were extremely pleased with the Kensun kit.  The kit came well-packaged, installed quickly, functioned flawlessly, and outlasted our vehicle.  We ended up getting rid of the vehicle before the headlights burned out, which was nearly two years.  Not only did the lights last a long time, they also maintained their color the entire time.  We liked them so much we rated them our #1 HID kit.  The best deal on these headlights is through  Let us know what you think of your Kensun Headlights in the comments section below.  Support our site by purchasing your HID headlights through the link below.

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  1. thanks to your recommendation i put these in my truck. very glad i did. they look great. they are very bright and just the right color

  2. Great review. Do you know any Kensun distributor that ships to south america? I found them in eBay and Amazon but only ships to USA.

  3. We’d be happy to sell them to you through eBay, order them from Kensun, have them delivered in the US, and then ship them to you in South America. Where exactly do you live? And is this something you’d like us to help you with?

  4. How is the Kensun hid kit holding up? Are the ballast Non-Digital AC ballast? Since you still have the VVME ballast, have you tried using the Kensun bulbs with the VVME ballast. I am curious to see if this changes the color output to figure out which ballast is better.

    1. Hey, the Kensun kit is holding up great. We no longer have the VVME ballast, as the Kensun kit has outperformed it, so we got rid of it. We’ve had the Kensun kit in for over a year now and it continues to perform perfectly. If you’re trying to decide between HID kits, I’d suggest spending the extra money to get the Kensun Bi-Xenon kit. Personally, I’d go with either 6000k for a pure white (BMW look) or the 8000k (for a blue look).

      Hope that helps, and thanks for visiting!

      1. Was the kensun hids noticeable brighter than the vvme and were the wattages the same? Did you use a 55 watt or a 35 watt kit for your testing?

        1. Hey there Eric, Thanks for stopping by. More than the brightness, the color of the Kensun HID Kit was much better than the VVME. In addition, the VVME kit barely lasted a year, while the Kensun lasted several. We used 35W for both installs. The 55W kits seem to be overkill.

    2. I have not tried the Kensun bulbs in the VVME ballasts. The VVME ballasts actually quit working, so I currently have the Kensun kit installed on my vehicle. It’s been over a year that I’ve had this one and it’s still working great. It heats up just as quickly as it used to and has maintained the same color. The 6000k is a light purple and bright white mix. I just tried switching over to the Xentec kit and was extremely disappointed. Stick with the Kensun kit and you won’t be disappointed!

      Thanks for visiting. Come back often, and let us know what you choose!

  5. Will these headlights hold up on my farm truck? I spend most of my time on rough terrain, out in the elements, etc…

    1. Hi Brian,

      Yes, these headlights are ideal for rough terrain, as they connect directly to the positive terminal on your vehicle’s battery. This helps to reduce the flicker you see in other HID kits. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Just installed 6000K into both my headlights and fog lights, both single bulb kits and im also absolutely pleased with them!