Hella High Performance Xenon Blue Headlight Review

In anyone’s search for whiter, brighter headlights, Hella headlamps certainly come to mind.  After all, Hella is such a reputable brand, they sponsor racing events, are experts in off-roading, and are a large, stable company.  They must offer great headlights, right?

Well, we searched far and wide for the highest qualityHella headlamps we could find, and we ended up purchasing these little beauties:

We bought them from  Amazon.com ($31.60).

We installed these headlights immediately after removing a pair of blueish headlights from the vehicle, so they came out looking rather white/yellow.  However, this proved to be a simple contrast between the blue headlights.  In fact, we decided to compare them to a set of 2006 4Runner projector headlights, and the Hella lights were several shades whiter, and actually a little brighter.

While the packaging on these lights say they are “blue”, I don’t think we would consider them to be blue unless you are staring directly into the headlamp casing and are able to see a reflection of the actual bulb.  These lights were definitely a bright white, however, which, as far as halogens are concerned, are better at illuminating the road.

Overall, the Hella headlights were very similar to the PIAA headlights we tested.  While the Hella light were okay,  the brightest and whitest of the non-HID lights we tested were the PIAA bulbs.  They are definitely a quality bulb and worth the $60.00.

The only issue we had with the Hella bulbs is that after about a year of use, one of them burned out.  While they lasted, however, they were great bulbs, and we feel they were worth the money.  IF you are looking to spice up your rice burner with some sleek blue headlights, these bulbs are not for you.  If, however, you are looking to get a brighter, whiter light to enhance your nighttime driving a little, these Hella High Performance Headlights are right up your alley.

If, however, you are looking to really enhance the look of your vehicle and get an optimal nighttime driving experience, we recommend you do a full conversion and switch to HIDs.  You can check out our HID section for a complete review of several types of HID kits.


  1. I installed these since you recommended them. They’ve worked really well in my truck. I drive a 2004 Tacoma, and just needed something with a little more light. These were cheap and the installation didn’t take long at all. Pure plug-n-play. Thanks.

  2. I have a regular lights on my Nissan and I want to use this hella lights but I’m not sure if I need to instal the HID kit.

    1. Well, it all depends on what look/utility you are going for. The hella lights are great lights, and are very easy to install. Are you comfortable with installing an HID kit in your vehicle?